Dust is everywhere and gets everywhere. It is the hidden ally of critters and mites, and no matter how much we try to get rid of it, dust always reappears on the scene! Today, let’s get our own back on dust. Let’s use the word as an acronym of faith rather than the enemy of our homes. Allow dust to permeate your mind throughout the day, giving you a reminder of Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians (chapter 2). Who knows, it mite just make a difference!
Don’t be alarmed – Jesus has not yet returned!
Urgency – Now is the time to rescue the perishing
Stand firm in the faith – Hold on to the Gospel truths
Trust Jesus – He will overthrow the deceiver with the breath of his mouth and he will destroy him by the splendor of His coming
Have a good, Godly and DUSTY day!!

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