With its unique blend of high-quality instruction, competition, and fun, thousands of children from the greater Houston and beyond have benefited enormously from a positive and action-packed camp experience. Indeed, it has been said by many children (and parents), that a Sports Quest camp is the highlight of their Summer, Spring or Christmas vacation, providing opportunities not only for the development of soccer skills but also for the reinforcement of Christian values and principles.



Our staff takes care of your children in a God-honoring manner. We share stories and lessons from the Bible daily, and we seek excellence in all that we do as a way of honoring God.

Ages range from 5-12. Each camp varies with regard to how many older campers (10-12 years old) register. If your child is on the older end and plays at a competitive level, he/she will still benefit from the individual and small-group training exercises at camp.

The campers are grouped by age to begin. They will typically remain in that group for the first day. The coaches are good at challenging kids at their own level and players at any skill level need to practice fundamentals. If the coach feels they should be in a different group for an additional challenge, that can be arranged Tuesday onwards.

Campers are placed in groups by age. If they are the same age, they will already be put into the same group. If they are different ages, please find the Camp Director on the first day of camp during registration to make special requests.

Camp starts out with free play (15 minutes), followed by skills and drills (1 hour). The daily devotional lasts 15 minutes (in the shade!), after which individual and/or group competitions take place.  Each day typically ends with a World Cup Tournament and awards ceremony.

Soccer camp is held outside and we do the best we can to hold camp there regardless of the weather.  In the event that a day (or days) of camp is canceled due to severe weather, every effort will be made to make-up for any missed time during the same week of camp.

We know summer days are very hot and at times there are even heat advisories. Campers will be given shade as often as possible and water breaks are constant on those hot days. We do not cancel camp for heat but we do try our best to make it as comfortable as we can.

For the older campers, we keep it at a 12:1 ratio. For the younger campers, we keep it at an 8:1 ratio wherever possible.

We put on a quality camp with licensed instructors. All staff have are Ministry Safe certified and background checked.

Absolutely! Parents are welcome to stay for all or part of each camp session but they must stay off field of play.

Campers should wear comfortable clothes that they will be able to play soccer in. Also, it is recommended that campers have cleats and shin guards.

Once you are registered, a $15 administration fee will be charged if you need to cancel your camp registration up to 10 days prior to camp. The remaining balance will be credited to your account for future use. 

You definitely need to bring water or a sports drink to have during break times. Sunscreen is also highly recommended.

4 Day Camps (3 hours per day)
(Ages 5-12) Fee = $195

First child pays full price and then any additional children from same family each receive a $20 discount.

Refunds will only be given if:

  • The camp registered for is full or is canceled due to insufficient numbers.
  • Your registration is withdrawn for any reason, 10 days prior to the first day of camp (refund requested).
  • If your child is unable to attend any day(s) of camp due to illness. A written request for a partial refund must be submitted by mail accompanied by a medical certificate or doctors note.

Refunds will not be given if:

  • Your application is withdrawn less than 10 days prior to the start of camp.
  • Your child is unable to attend camp, for any reason other than illness, on any of the 5 days of camp.
  • In the event of inclement weather, Sports Quest will attempt to make up for any lost time during the week of camp.  If however, the time cannot be made-up, Sports Quest will not provide a refund.

All refund requests must be submitted in writing and a $15.00 administration fee will be applied.

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