Year Round Soccer Coach

Summary of Position:

Responsible for maintaining & facilitating a top quality Christian soccer experience for players, coaches, assistants, volunteers & parents. Required to represent Sports Quest with excellence in all areas of responsibility, at all times and in every interaction with a Sports Quest “client” (staff, families, organizers, camp hosts etc.) Soccer Coach duties & responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing a safe environment for parents to feel comfortable leaving their children
  • Providing a fun, positive & professional soccer environment
  • Ensuring training sessions and/or events run “smoothly”; unforeseen situations or points of conflict are handled wisely and in a timely fashion
  • Delegating responsibilities to Assistant Coaches and volunteers as necessary
  • Leading team/event devotionals when/if required
  • Speaking to parents & players as a group at the beginning and/or end of soccer session/event when required
  • Maintaining & returning all training equipment and uniform items
  • Setting the tone & standard for players by your enthusiasm, preparation & servant-leadership

Additional Expectations

  • Ensuring effective & efficient set up, take down & clean-up of equipment
  • Loading/unloading the Sports Quest trailer when required
  • Attending all staff meetings & staff functions
  • All other duties as assigned by the Executive Director


  • Authority to accomplish the role as Soccer Coach is given by the Executive Director
  • No authority to distribute emails to parents or players


  • A salary as set by the Executive Director & agreed upon by the Soccer Coach